Not Even Entertainment

19 Feb



In January a couple of friends and I decided to start up our own game development studio, Not Even Entertainment (NEE). We are all passionate gamers and also programmers and we thought it could be an interesting challenge and great experience trying to start something from scratch. Taking into considerations that we are all students and we live likes kings on SU, we are not dependent on an income. This creates a decent environment for us to start projects up without having to worry about capital.

Two projects are under development; Blob Basher and Midnight Delivery. I will go through these games in a seperate blog when it is time. Both titles are meant to arrive for mobile devices. In the future we might seek the desktop market instead, but these are all mere speculations.

There isn’t much else that can be said about NEE, except than things goes a bit slow. We are after all students, which means our working hours are limited. If you have any questions or interested in knowing more, feel free to contact me.



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