I Am Bread

12 Feb


What a silly but fun game. I mean, running around head butting innocent bystanders and swinging an axe around with your tongue. I think I am done for now playing games developed by people on acid.

Hold on..! A game where you can play as a piece of bread? “I Am Bread” you say? Alright, guess my “WTF-o-meter” is not completely full anyway.

In “I Am Bread”, developed by Bossa Studios, you take the role of a piece of bread whose only goal in life is to become toasted (On both sides of course). By attaching yourself to surfaces and applying torque with a joystick (Its highly recommended to play with a controller), you swing around the environment trying to reach possible areas which can transform you into your inner toast. The obstacle in this game, is to maintain your deliciousness. Touching ants, the floor or mold on the walls will cause you to be less edible.

The game is a combination of the akward controls from Octodad and a protagonist and environment in Goat Simulator. The game is delightfully stupid, and there is actually a narrative. Its a fun little game to try out when you have too much money to spend, but don’t think of it as more than it is. The game is fun to try and you will get a great laugh for a couple of hours.

The main issue with the game for me is the level design. Because there are long distances between points of interest and the controls are uncommon and awkward, you lose too much excitement in the process. You build up fury, because if you turn inedible, its back to start. However, if you finally reach those points, you are rewarded with interesting interaction between mundane everyday household items and a piece of bread.

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