No Man’s Land

29 Jan


No Man's Land

My good friends at Red Ocean Games are cooking up a new game which they call No Man’s Land, a fast paced MOBA that puts your skills to the test! Two teams compete with each other in gathering as much goo as possible. This is done by taking control of goo producing towers. When control is gained, your team’s minion traverse from your base to the taken tower and starts hauling goo back to your home base. The team which manage to defend their minions from A to B and back earns most goo, and thus become victorious!

As a player, you have a range of abilities to use, which currently all are skill shots. Use these skill shots to get rid of your enemies, defend a tower or a minion, or use them to place yourself more tactically on the map.


I was given the offer of testing No Man’s Land. With a few of the developer as spectators and a few of them split between the teams, and a bunch of testers we took a few games being ten players in total. And to sum up my experience very quickly:

Its chaotic! It goes extremely fast! None the less, its great fun!

There are two aspects of this game, which I see is different from other MOBA titles.

First, your minions are everything. If you can’t secure your minions, you won’t be getting any goo and you will lose. This is different from the vast titles out there where minions are just meat bags containing gold and XP.

Second, the environment changes over time. Certain passages closes and opens during a match. This creates a dynamic gameplay that doesn’t cause stalemate between two opposing teams, and requires the team to adapt.

Oh yeah, don’t go into the forest. Somehow, Mother Nature managed to equip wild life with a ballistic launcher and a bunch of RIM-174 missile ready to obliterate anything without antlers.

I won’t go into further details, because the game is still in very early alpha so both graphical content and design is to be changed over time.  But I believe this game has potentiel, and something good will come out at the end.

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