Space Engineers

8 Jan

In short, this is minecraft in space! A sandbox games that allows you to build humongous space bases and ships only limited by your creativity! The games features a creative mode where you have unlimited amount of resources but also a non-creative mode where you have to gather resources yourself by mining asteroids.

Regarding space ship building, the games contains varying blocks that allows the player to custom his ship as he desire. Everything from thrusters, grinders to mine asteroids and weapons can be attached. But in order to make everything properly work, it must have a power supplied attached and it has to be big enough to power all your components. But what really surprises me is there newly integrated programmable block. It’s an actual component, which allows you to program software for your ships and space stations. The code is written in C# and so it’s a good idea knowing a bit of programming before diving into this. For now, I have built something as boring as a light turning on if fuel on the ship is running low, my next step is to build an inventory sorter!

My fuel alerter!


For those of you who aren’t familiar with programming don’t worry, the game do also include varying blocks similar to minecrafts redstone circuits that allows non-programmers to build interesting systems.

The game is still in early access and is thus not bug free. The game contains a long range of bugs and long term goals for the game is still missing, but that doesn’t hinder the creativity!

Not to forget, the game also have a believable physics system (This does not mean it is bug free). Blocks can be destroyed by applying a high enough force. This means that collisions between two ships will have dire consequences!

A final note; the laws of physics state that resistance must exist in order to put an object in motion to halt. In space, there are no resistance. Remember this when flying back to your base, and you decide to reduce the velocity by turning of the ships engine.

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