This War of Mine

4 Jan

In This War of Mine you take the role as civilians who are trying to survive within a city during a civil war. During day time the survivors have to stay at home, because snipers are watching the street, shooting everything on sight. At night, you scavenge for resources.

The game consist of two distinct phases a night phase and a day phase. During night time, it is time to lurk the surrounding buildings for precious resources. Food, building materials, medicine and weapons are on your watch list. Maybe the snipers have taken the rest of the day off, but other looters have the same items on their watch list, and they may not be able to bargain with.  During day time, it is time to consume and put the gathered resources into use. Feed the survivors who are hungry, fortify your home to withstand raiders or build new appliances which are more cost efficient to run.

As a player, you constantly do prioritizations. During night time, you can only bring a limited amount of resources back to your home, which is limited by your inventory space. You then have to prioritize what to bring home. Not to forget you don’t know what events have occurred in your home while being out scavenging. If things goes south, there is often a darker alternate approach. Elders and sick people have a difficult time fighting against armed thugs and looters, and they tend to perish including all their belongings. These people are often easier targets, but comes at the cost of morale. Your survivors have to live with their actions, and can end in a spiral of depression. After all, it’s a question about survival.

I really love playing This War of Mine, because the game offers you a long range of possible options to get out of a stick situations, but it is up to you to decide which one is the right one. I do also believe players who are fan of min maxing in games could get a nice kick playing this game.

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