Don’t starve together

13 Mar


“Dude, take out that bird who is eating those seeds. We need them! How hungry are you? I am both very hungry and also slowly turning insane, but I guess you can have the seeds”.


My friend and I have started playing Don’t Starve Together, and I have decided to write a few words regarding some of it’s multiplayer features.

For those of you who doesn’t know Don’t Starve, its a game about survival, where you have to maintain your health, hunger and sanity. At night, you need to be close to a light source, so you don’t get eaten by what lurks in the night.

Now, there are two mouths to feed. This is a big challenge, because there is not always food for both of you. You have to communicate which of the two of you needs it the most. But with two players, you are also able to search a wider area, and combined with two inventories, you are capable of hauling a lot more items.

In your ventures, if you manage to get yourself killed by a toad near a pool of water, or a forest fire which you ablazed yourself, your character turns into a ghost. As a ghost, you have the ability to haunt various items and animals, which creates different reactions based on what you haunt. At first its interesting to see the various reactions from different objects you haunt, but after some time it becomes trivial, and at times it also feels unresponsive. The only real benefit I have discovered is that you are now an immortal scout, able to scout without consequences. If the friend in which you are playing with isn’t a total douche, he can craft what is called a “Telltale Heart”. This item can resurrect you, in exchange of some of your friends blood. I am satisfied that my friend doesn’t study economics and know of a cost benefit analysis.

What really bothers me about playing along the side is that your friend occludes the surrounding environment. When both of you are trying to cook around the same campfire, you tend to missclick on your friend causing you to hand over your food. In desperation, you try to find another area on the campfire to click, and instead you clickyourself and eats some uncooked monster meat, causing your internal organs to shut down.

On top of that, the difficulty have been increased dramatically. Spiders and other woodlands critters can still be handled with a few punches in their face, but the real difficulty lies in the hounds which hunt in packs. For some reason, my friend and I are having a difficult time handling them, but I guess we just have to change tactics and build some proper equipment.

Maybe it sounds like that Don’t Starve Together is only a negative experience, but it is not. The co-op functionality makes it possible to share your adventures with a friend, and that alone, is always fun, even though there are only a few distinct multiplayer features. I hope to see more features in upcoming updates or mods from steam.

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